Saturday, July 30, 2005


Since we were having Katie’s birthday party today, I was planning on running by myself, even before I found out my team was meeting on Sunday, instead of their usual Saturday gathering. It worked out even better when Evan suggested we meet at the trails near my house at 6:45. I was able to get my “long” run in and still be able to help get ready for the party.

We ended up running together for about 1:35, plus it took me 9 minutes to run there and home. So I ended up with 1:53 minutes of running, which I called 14 miles. That’s my longest run since Grandma’s. I ended the week with 62 miles, again my most since I started tapering. Since I’m planning on taking tomorrow off, I might as well post my monthly total of 222 miles on 26 days of running. That averages out to 50 mpw. While I’m not looking to run 85 mpw this time around, I’d like to get into the 60-70 mpw range. I’m curious to see if the decrease in mileage leaves my legs a little fresher for more quality workouts and hopefully faster race times.

Katie’s party was fun. She’s still not totally in to presents. She’d open one and want to play with it, even though she still had a bunch left to open. Kinsey, on the other hand, will rip them all open without stopping to appreciate what she got. Since my birthday is right around the corner, I got some cards, gifts, money and a gift certificate to a running store from my mother-in-law. She said when she went to get it the guy said “weren’t you in here last year?”

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