Sunday, July 03, 2005


After failing to hook up with Evan last Thursday, we rescheduled for today. We met at Lake Nokomis and had no problems finding each other. We planned on going 6-8 miles, but if we felt good, we’d go 10-12. We decided to run along the Minnehaha Parkway towards Lake Harriet. That was a quick (in terms of time-flying, not pace) 4 miles. We decided to run the 3 miles around Harriet, which would give us 11 for the day.

It’s always interesting how easy the conversation flows when you’re with someone on a run – even someone you’ve never met before. Evan (2:45 goal, 3:05 actual) and I (2:55 goal, 3:09 actual) had similar experiences at Grandma’s, as well as similar thoughts on what went wrong. So it was interesting to compare notes.

This was my second blogger meeting. My first occurred at Grandma’s. I still have a ways to go to catch the number (at least 8) of runners I’ve met through message boards. Being an introvert, it’s interesting that I usually avoid people at races, yet have no problems meeting people on-line. It’s probably a small miracle that I didn’t have to resort to a mail order bride.

Update: I took yesterday off and enjoyed the parade in Hudson, WI. I ended the week with 37 miles on 5 days. Now I just need to build upon that.


Anonymous said...

Thanks again for the run. It was a lot of fun. Possibly a bit over 11 miles, we went round Lake Harriet in 21 minutes which was 7.30s.

Looking forward to a run at Lebanon Hills sometime.


Chad said...

Yeah, it was fun. Didn't realize we were going that fast. That's good to hear.

Let me know when you're up for a trail run and we'll hit Lebanon Hills.