Tuesday, July 12, 2005


I feel like my running is in total limbo lately. I guess that’s normal after a marathon, but that was nearly a month. I was looking at my 2004 log from June till mid-July. During that time I ran 4 races (5 if you count my only tri of the summer) and 5 track workouts ranging from 200s to Ks. During that same stretch this year, I’ve tapered, run a marathon and recovered. I feel like summer is passing me by and I’m not in any kind of racing shape. This feeling has me never wanting to run another spring marathon – at least not one that’s in mid-June – even though I love Grandma’s.

Given my lack of speed work this summer I was pumped to get on the track tonight. However, my coach had other things in mind. While the triathletes did 8-12 x 400 he sent the marathoners off on an 8-10 mile run. There were 4 of us, me Jenna, Jim and some new blood – Aaron. Aaron is in my age group, so while I didn’t know him, I recognized his name. He ran TCM last year in 3:09:08 (2 seconds slower than my Grandma’s race) and Med City this spring in 3:10:30. Actually, I think he’s faster than that at shorter distances – at least he was last night as he kept up with Jenna while Jim and I dropped back. We were able to make it about 8.5 miles in the 85-90 degree heat. Luckily there were 2 water fountains along the route, which allowed for 3 drinks on the out-and-back course along Summit Ave and East River Road.

I also ran an easy 5 miles this morning, mainly to 1) help increase my mileage and 2) to keep me in the habit of running before work.


Anonymous said...

I can totally identify with the post-marathon feelings, and I didn't even finish my marathon. It took me approximately six weeks to really get motivated again. I trained during the "down" time, but I wasn't all that enthusiastic about it and didn't really feel excited again until about the six (or even seven) week point. This is pretty normal for me, but obviously it varies from person to person.

Chad said...

I've heard (a couple of times) that you need to take it easy one day for every mile of the race you ran. Yesterday was day 26 since Gma's.

Yeah, I'm not a fan of those sweeping generalizations, but it gives us a ball park estimate.

I really think I just need to get used to the heat and humidity a little more, then I'll be okay.

I solid goal for the Fall wouldn't hurt either.