Sunday, July 17, 2005


I ended up taking yesterday off, which gave me 51 miles for the week. Right now I’m thinking about doing a 10 mile race on this Saturday, so I’m going to play this week by ear. Maybe I’ll top 51, maybe I won’t. I don’t really have any idea how I’ll run at this race either. It feels like I haven’t done any hard workouts forever.

I really like watching European sporting events in the U.S. – mainly because of the timing. Today I got to flip between the Tour de France and the British Open. Both were over by 10 AM. Okay, the British Open went until noon, but technically it was over by 10 AM. Others would probably say it was over by 10 AM on Thursday – since Tiger already had a lead.

Love ‘em or hate ‘em, Nike does a fantastic job marketing their products and athletes. Anyone else see the cool Nike commercial? Like I heard someone say, it was more like watching Tiger’s home videos rather than getting beat over the head by Nike.

Today was the 9th (and final) day in a row over 90 degrees. That’s the 3rd longest streak ever for the Twin Cities, behind 14 and 11. Call me a wuss, but that “forced” me back on the treadmill again. I got in an easy 8 miles while watching the Twins lose another 1 run game to the Angels. They’ve lost 6 out of 10 games to the Angels this year – ALL by 1 run.

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