Wednesday, July 13, 2005


It was one of those mornings where I was tossing and turning and pretty awake before my alarm went off. However, I stayed in bed and when my alarm finally went off I fell back asleep for another 15 minutes. I nearly talked myself into postponing my run, but I figured I could still get in 5 miles before work – even with “sleeping in.” In these situations, Bailey tends to “suffer” since she only gets about a 2 minute walk. Then again, it’s 75 at 5:30 AM and she’s wearing a thick coat, so I’m sure she doesn’t mind too much.

I felt really sluggish on today’s run. I’m not sure if it’s from the marathon, because of the heat and humidity lately or because of my two runs yesterday. Anyway, I made it 5.5 miles. I “had to” throw in an extra half mile today because of the extra half mile I threw in yesterday.

When I got to work there was an email from my coach regarding a 6-week strength building phase for those running a fall marathon. I sent him an email stating that I’d like to proceed as if I’m NOT going to run a fall marathon. That’s probably a pain in the ass for him since I’ll be the only non-marathoner (besides the triathletes). But I’m pretty low maintenance and he’s pretty smart, so I think we can make it work.

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