Thursday, July 07, 2005


You know when you go through certain phases of your life, like getting married, having a baby, buying a house, etc. it seems like EVERYONE is going through those same phases. All you see on TV or read in the papers has to deal with wedding dresses, baby stuff, mortgage rates, etc. I’m sure I’ve mentioned how much I think my training needs quicker, up-tempo, progression runs to help boost my fitness. As soon as I start incorporating them in my training, an article pops up here. I’ll admit I didn’t go back and read the coolrunnings link and only skimmed this article, but I thought the author had some good points. However, I’m not sure why he needed 7 pages to make them. I kept thinking to myself “didn’t I just read a similar sentence.”

I’m sure the Old School crowd is cringing at the thought of giving these workouts their own terminology – progression run. And I’m sure we’ll eventually need another article to help define them, just like we did with tempo runs. In any case, I’ve basically been adding a few runs a week where I start out easily, then gradually pick up the pace. In essence I’m trying to negative split my runs. This is basically what I did today. After running a mile with Bailey, I ran an out-and-back 7 mile route with the 2nd half about 1:30 faster than the first. During this run I was reminded that this is basically how I did a lot of my training as a kid. Nearly every run was an out-and-back 4 mile course that I’d negative split. It’s like I’m 14 years old again.

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