Tuesday, August 07, 2012


Wow, my last blog was like 3 weeks ago. At the time I gave the following update regarding my training, “Overall, it’s been going really well.” Unfortunately, that all changed overnight. Two days after that post I went for an easy 5 mile run and felt a stabbing pain in my right knee – the same knee that’s had a dull ache for over a year. I was only stabbed a handful of times in the first couple of minutes, then it went away. I took the next day off and then the following day had a tempo run planned. The run started out with same way and after the stabbing pain subsided, I managed 10 miles with 6 at 6:50 pace.

Well, obviously, something wasn’t right, so I made an appointment with the one and only Dr. Voight. It took a week to get in to see her and I didn’t run that whole time. The good news is that she thinks I just have tendonitis in my distal quad tendon and recommended PT and said I could resume running.

Soon after that appointment, we went on vacation to Michigan where I ran roughly every other day – nothing long or fast. I had my first PT appointment yesterday and it sounds like my left glute is weak, which is causing the problems in my right knee. I have a bunch of exercises to work on this and I’ve started wearing kinesio tape. So hopefully I’m on the path to recovery.

I should report that I ran my first 20 miler on Sunday, so things aren’t all bad.

One other thing that’s new with me (and I never thought I’d say), I’m on Twitter. You can follow me @MinnesotaRunner. I haven’t figured everything out yet, so I mainly retweet, rather than come up with my own tweets. With the Olympics going on, I really like the interaction or behind the scenes look you get from the athletes.

Regarding the Olympics, I’m about to give up on NBC’s primetime coverage. I’ve been trying to avoid social media during the day and then watch during primetime. However, I’m tired a sitting through gymnastics and beach volleyball, in order to get to see the heats of the 100m dash. I’m finding I’d rather follow Facebook and Twitter and if I can catch events live on NBC’s live app, I’ll do that. Otherwise, I’ll watch the highlights on their Olympics app.

Quote of the Day;

“Desire is the most important factor in the success of any athlete.” – Willie Shoemaker