Monday, August 01, 2005


Yep, I turned 36 today. I’m not big into birthdays (other than my kids), but it is my blog – so happy birthday to me! I wish I had other exciting info to write about, but I really don’t. No big plans. I think we’re going to go out to eat tonight. We had planned on Culver’s, but I think I’m going to suggest Noodles & Company since we just had burgers for Katie’s party. Then maybe we’ll swing by Culver’s for some custard.

Yesterday’s day off must have done the trick because I felt really good this morning. I managed 8 miles with a few strides – nothing fancy because I hope to save some of that freshness for tomorrow night’s workout. The heat is back, so it could be brutal. However, it looks like the heat is going to break after that, so maybe it’ll be cool(er) for this Sunday’s 10k. Last year this race was on my birthday. I could only muster a 38:40 on a muggy day. I’d like to be at least a minute quicker this year.

During the end of my run today I thought about running my age in kilometers or miles on my future birthdays. Hmm, 36K is about 22 miles – that doesn’t really seem worth it. 36 miles is “too far.” Okay, so much for that idea. How about if I try to run my age for a 10k each year for the rest of my life?


Beanie said...


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday!!

When I was young (16-22) I did my age in kilometers on my birthday. It seemed a little crazy then, but since then I've heard of others doing it too. Did it again this year with 30.

Kilometers is the way to go -- you can keep going to at least your mid-40s that way.

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday!

Chad said...

Thanks. I don't feel a day over 35.

Evan, maybe if my birthday weren't during the dog days of summer, I'd think about running 50k when I turn 50.

Chelle said...

Dog days of summer in MINNESOTA!
I'd be more sympathetic to that excuse if you lived in Tennessee or something.

Happy B-day from me too!

Chad said...

Hey it was 75 with a dew point of 70 at 6 AM this morning.

Keep in mind, I grew up right on Lake Superior. Each summer I could count on one hand the number of days we got above 80.