Friday, July 29, 2005


So I’m getting ready for work today with the news on in the background. They’re doing a story about how drinking milk will help you lose weight. Apparently, if you drink 24 ounces of low fat milk every 24 hours, COMBINED with a reduced calorie diet AND exercise, you’ll lose weight. Wow, I had no idea until I heard their report. Thank you Fox news.

Speaking of weight; I don’t usually concern myself too much with watching my weight, however, I’ve noticed I’m about 4-5 pounds more than I was for Grandma’s. And probably 7-8 pounds more than I was last year when I was racing well. I guess I’d better buy some milk.

I kind of wanted to do a little cross training this morning by going for a short bike ride, yet I didn’t want to set my alarm in order for it to happen. I had my bike in my trunk and I figured if I woke up early enough, I’d go for a short ride. Well, I ended up sleeping in.

I was able to get in a very easy 5 mile run in over lunch. I was thinking I’d have to run on the treadmill due to the heat, but when I checked, the temp was only 70 with a dew point of 56. I mentioned before that there are no good places to run from here. A co-worker suggested the neighborhood just across the street. I checked it out and it was really nice - rolling hills, shaded, quiet streets. The only thing is that the loop was just over 2 miles, so I had to do it twice and still add-on. I saw a fox during this run and I can’t think of any other fox sightings in my 25 years of running. That’s hard to believe, given all the trails I’ve run on during that time.

If you’ve got some time to kill and would like to see what parts of the country would appeal to you, check out this survey. It looks like I’m supposed to live in Wisconsin, Massachusetts or Connecticut. Out of the top 24 results, there wasn’t a single Minnesota city listed. Go figure.


Anonymous said...

Hmm. Well I DO live in Massachusetts, but it seems to think I should live in Oregon, California, or New Mexico :-)

Chad said...

I had a few Oregon cities listed too. Since there's really no chance of me moving, I kind of breezed through it.

Amy probably wouldn't have agreed with all my answers either, since I thought "how would this affect my running?" before answering each question.

Chelle said...

Hmmm...mine didn't include New York and I'm such a city girl. But who knows, maybe I'd love Portland if I gave it a chance?