Monday, July 11, 2005


I had time for 8 miles this morning but stopped after 7. For some reason I didn’t want to run anymore. It was warm (75-80) for 6 AM but not unbearable. I really have no idea how people in warmer climates deal with the heat. I’ll take the cold any day.

Most evenings lately, after putting the kids to bed, I’ll relax by watching the Minnesota Twins or watching the Tour de France. I usually read a book or magazine at the same time, since neither show requires my full attention. Tonight neither show was on, due to the All Star break and a rest day. Looking through the TV guide I saw Office Space was on. I’ve heard good things about this movie so my wife and I watched it. There were some pretty funny parts but overall all I’d say it was just okay. My wife doesn’t work in that type of environment, so I’m not sure if she appreciated the jokes as much as me.

I wouldn't say I hate my job. I think that’s a little too strong. But sometimes I feel like this guy. I definitely lack passion for my job. For example, yesterday my boss and his boss were rattling off sales numbers over the weekend and talking about how we were ahead of our goal. I sat there thinking I couldn’t care less. Of course I want the company to do well, but I don’t need to analyze sales on a daily basis. Besides, I’m more of a doer. Give me a project to work on – something where I can look back at the end of the day and see I made progress. Sitting around strategizing and thinking about the big picture isn’t for me (unless it’s running).

Sometimes I daydream about other jobs that I think I’d like more; personal trainer/coach, math teacher/coach, or a blue collar job like a mechanic, plumber, handyman, construction, etc. Again, something that would allow me to see what I accomplished during the day. But having a master’s degree and a family make the likelihood of “starting over” highly unlikely.

Only 30 years till retirement.

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