Monday, February 07, 2011


My recent MPW build-up looks like this; 20, 43, 48, 61, 53. I was feeling pretty tired last week, so I had no problems backing down to 33 miles (along with some skiing). Saturday I went out for a solo 14 miler and bumped into Evan. We were able to run together for about 5 miles before we had to split up. I followed that up yesterday with my longest non-marathon run ever. Distance-wise it was probably only 22 miles. However, since I was running on snow-packed trails for 4 hours, effort-wise, it was more like 26 miles. And that’s what I called it in my logbook – sue me if you’d like.

Nothing like a 40 mile weekEND! I think I held up pretty well although my hip flexors were killing me the last 90 minutes. As they say, what doesn’t kill me makes me stronger.

Of course, the bad news is that my skiing is suffering. With 3 weeks to the Birkie, I have a single session over 2 hours. Hopefully I can get 1-2 more long skis in. Either way, I’m not too worried about my time/place this year because I realize my priorities have shifted. That’s what happens when you run for 4 hours and realized you probably still have 8 hours to go to reach your main goal.

Thanks to Scott for forwarding this video;

Quote of the Day;

“There are only 2 hills.” – Dave ‘Double’ Dehart

Tuesday, February 01, 2011


I came across this interesting tidbit the other day;

“Only ten miles from rim to rim as the crow flies, the North Rim is 215 miles (about 4 1/2 hours) from the South Rim by car.”
I guess there won’t be any quitting halfway.

After only running 35 miles in December, I started 2011 off with a solid 213 miles, plus another 118K of skiing. I also managed 9 core workouts during the month. I’d like to do 3 per week, but I’ve only been doing 2. Honestly though, I’d rather do 2 per week up until R-cubed, rather than 3 per week for a month or two.

I had some solid back-to-back workouts during the month too. The most impressive was last Friday when I ran 5 miles, took an hour ski lesson and then after grabbing a cup of coffee I skied 20 miles. The next day I ran 20 miles. That was like 7 hours of training in 2 day.

Now if I can just double that in half the amount of time, I’ll be all set.

Quote of the Day;

“Running is about defeating death, not inflicting it.” – John Jerome