Thursday, July 14, 2005


During the winter, Thursdays were my day to get up 15-20 minutes early and run a little longer and faster than “normal”. I decided I’d start incorporating those workouts back into my schedule. That meant getting up at 4:45 today. I almost talked myself into going back to bed, but I reminded myself that I probably won’t be able to run long on Saturday because I’m going to watch the Lifetime Fitness triathlon.

I felt about 100 times better than yesterday. I was able to make it 10 miles in just under 80 minutes (41:30/38:40). The trails I run on are gravel in one direction, but paved in the other. Normally I run on the gravel section, but in the winter I’d do these runs on the paved section – mainly because it provided better footing. Without really thinking about it, I headed along the paved section. I was really surprised by the number of bicyclist on the trail. I must have seen 30-35 bikers. I probably saw another 10-15 walkers and even 5-6 roller-bladers (after all, Minnesota is the home of the rollerblade). The weird thing is that in 80 minutes of running I only saw one other runner.

There’s a thread on today about the funniest things that have been shouted at you while running. This one actually had me laughing out loud;

While running past a psychiatric hospital one of the residents yelled "Hey, you training for the Olympics?!?"

His buddy yelled "No, call security, he's gettin' away!"

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