Friday, July 15, 2005


The "ever popular" 100 things about me list;

1. I’ve always lived in the Midwest – except while serving the country.
2. I was born in Michigan, grew up in Wisconsin (with one year in Illinois) and now I live in Minnesota.
3. “All” my relatives live in Wisconsin, Indiana, Ohio or Iowa.
4. I’m not close to any of them.
5. When I was 2 I cracked my head open.
6. My brother (my only sibling), who’s 3 years older than me, was chasing me.
7. I’ve never broken a bone in my body (other than my skull).
8. I’ve had 2 root canals – on the same day.
9. I got an elbow in the mouth while playing basketball.
10. I started running when I was 10 years old.
11. In 6th grade I couldn’t out-sprint anyone in my class.
12. That year, I won the 800 meter “dash” on track & field day.
13. My time was 2:57.
14. Johnny Bench was my first boyhood idol.
15. He was followed by Isiah Thomas.
16. I “met” Isiah once.
17. He declined a photo opportunity with his “biggest fan”.
18. I was pissed, but I still idolized him.
19. The first cassettes I remember owning were Michael Jackson – Thriller and AC/DC – Back in Black.
20. No, I’m not kidding.
21. Kiss used to be my favorite band.
22. Now I prefer Neil Young and Wilco.
23. I collected beer cans when I was a kid.
24. And baseball cards.
25. My high school’s nickname was the Oredockers – due to the iron ore docks located in the bay.
26. I knew a guy in college who knew the nickname of EVERY high school in Wisconsin (even the Trollers, Castleguards, Granite Diggers, etc.).
27. I was in the Navy for 4 years.
28. I was a Cryptologic Technicians Operator – basically, communications.
29. I held a Top Secret security clearance.
30. Places I got to see include; Turkey, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, Egypt, Oman and the Philippines.
31. I’ve also been to Canada and Mexico.
32. Australia and New Zealand are at the top of the list of places I'd like to travel to.
33. I love coffee.
34. I learned to drink coffee (with cream and sugar) while in the Navy.
35. Now I drink it black.
36. I’ve never taken illegal drugs (unless you count alcohol before the age of 21).
37. I like beer.
38. I don’t drink nearly enough beer.
39. I was an accounting major – for one semester.
40. I switched to economics.
41. I’ve always loved math and numbers.
42. I should have a second degree in math.
43. I failed my last math class (trigonometry 4) by less than 1%.
44. I had Senioritis and just wanted to graduate.
45. I have an MBA with an emphasis in marketing.
46. I still don’t know why.
47. While in grad school I thought the audio-visual equipment was terrible.
48. Turns out I needed glasses.
49. I met my wife in (undergraduate) college.
50. I was dating her roommate.
51. We just had our 7 year anniversary.
52. We went to Portland, Oregon on our honeymoon.
53. Our trip included stops in Coos Bay and Eugene to learn more about Steve Prefontaine.
54. We’ve been to Boston, New York City, and Seattle too.
55. We have 2 girls, Kinsey (4) and Katherine aka Katie (2).
56. Kinsey is named after the main character in Sue Grafton’s mystery novels.
57. Katie is not named after anyone.
58. I’d like to tell people she’s named after Katie McGregor.
59. Not many people would know who I was talking about – including my wife.
60. We liked Katherine because of the many variations; Kathy, Kate, Kat, Katie.
61. I’ve also been to Washington DC, Baltimore, Charlotte, and Indianapolis
62. Places I’d like to visit in the U.S. include; San Francisco, Denver, Chicago, and the Grand Canyon,
63. I have no desire to go to Las Vegas, Los Angeles or New Orleans.
64. Okay, maybe I’d go to New Orleans.
65. I enjoy yard work.
66. But I don’t believe in watering my lawn.
67. I like wood working.
68. Mainly refinishing furniture, rather than creating things.
69. (I think) I have a small bladder.
70. I’ve been known to stop to pee twice during a 6 mile run, thrice during an 8 mile run.
71. Damn coffee!
72. I’ve always been attracted to blondes.
73. I’ve never dated a blonde.
74. Hmm. I don’t know if that’s funny or sad.
75. I usually drive 5 mph over the speed limit.
76. I’ve never received a speeding ticket.
77. I was pulled over once and got a warning.
78. The officer thought I was late for class. I wasn’t.
79. I’ve never been in a car accident.
80. Happiest day(s) of my life; becoming a father. March 1st and July 26th.
81. Proudest sports accomplishments; finishing Ironman Wisconsin, breaking 3 hours in the marathon, and qualifying for the Boston marathon.
82. Most embarrassing moment; after a class camping trip my senior year of high school I was taking a shower in the boy’s shower/sauna.
83. A bunch of my female classmates walked in.
84. Everyone had a towel on.
85. Except me.
86. “I was in the pool!!! I was in the pool!!!”
87. Where’s George Costanza when you need him?
88. I have no desire to own a motorcycle.
89. I’d rather go for a bike ride.
90. I wish I would have played hockey.
91. I love to skate.
92. I prefer Coca-cola.
93. Fall is my favorite time of the year.
94. I have little interest in politics.
95. Or religion.
96. My pet peeves include people not picking up their dog’s poop.
97. And people throwing cigarette butts out their car window.
98. I’m not musically inclined.
99. Or creative.
100. Or artistic.


Anonymous said...

Brother, you are a lot like me.

1. Lived in PA, FL, PA, WI. PA and WI are very similar.
2. See #1
3. All my close relatives are in PA.
4. I am close to immediate family (Dad, Mom, Bro, Sis, Grandma and a few cousins).
5. I had 31 first cousins.
6. None live in WI.
7. I've never broken a bone anywhere.
8. Three root canals, decades apart.
9. The first person I hit in the head w/ a fist was my brother.
10. Started running at 14 as a soph in XC.
11. I was our number one runner.
12. I won my first race that year against Ellwood City.
13. I ran scared once in the lead.
14. Roberto Clemente was my first idol.
15. He was followed by Manny Sanguillen who was the Pirates catcher.
16. I never met Manny, but my sister-in-law did in Florida and got his autograph for my brother.
17. My brother and I like most of the same things.
18. He made the Pennsylvania "Big 33" as a small school football player
19. I had about every Hendrix 8-tracs one could own (8-9).
20. Hendrix was the man then, but I don't listen to him now.
21. I liked the Allman Brothers.
22. Now I prefer Johnny Cash.
23. My brother and I collected beer cans and pop cans.
24. I have over 100,000 baseball cards.
25. In HS we were the Spartans.
26. I knew a guy in college who faked his graduation w/ his family. He only partied the last 2 years.
27. I quit running for almost 14 years.
28. I went to Slippery Rock State College.
29. I majored in Marketing.
30. I've been to the Bahamas, Aruba, Puerto Rico and Taiwan.
31. I've been to Canada and Mexico.
32. I want to go to Europe.
33. I drink too much coffee.
34. I started drinking coffee at work when I was 23.
35. I drink it black.
36. I rarely goofed w/ drugs.
37. I like beer.
38. I drink several beers a week.
39. I was going to go to college for Forestry.
40. I almost graduated in Economics, but had to pick between that or Marketing. I had 18-21 credits in Econ.
41. Numbers are okay. I was decent at math.
42. Minor in Econ.
43. I failed Labor Economics. Prof was a tool. Looking back I was probably the tool.
44. I was ready to get out.
45. I have an MBA.
46. Wanted to get up the ladder.
47. I did well in school then.
48. I've had glasses since 2nd grade.
49. Met my wife in FL.
50. She was working for one of my customers.
51. She was my first "girl friend."
52. Went to Aruba for honeymoon.
53. Married 16+ years.
54. We've been to San Antonio, Colorado, The Keys, NYC, Philly, LA and a bunch of places already mentioned.
55. Brad 11 and Emily 9.
56. We liked the names.
57. Both play three sports.
58. Emily more for the social aspect.
59. Brad is decent at baseball.
60. Surprisingly, basketball is Emily's best.
61. We go camping w/ Pski's family yearly.
62. I'd like to go to San Fran, Black Hills and the Grand Canyon.
63. I eat very little fruit.
64. South Florida blows.
65. My wife enjoys yard work.
66. Not big on watering, but would rather leave it long during heat waves.
67. I like some WWII history.
68. Biographies mainly. Reading Churchill now.
69. I drink 1-2 cups of coffee before morning run.
70. I go at about 3 miles.
71. My wife is a blonde, but browner now since having kids.
72. I never dated anyone else.
73. My wife is a non-runner.
74. She owns a horse.
75. I usually drive 5 mph over speed limit.
76. One speeding ticket in FL.
77. I got a few other tickets years ago.
78. Rolled my pick-up and totalled it in 85'.
79. Piles of accidents in FL. Generally people hitting me.
80. One lady was 95.
81. Happiest accomplishment was being named to the US 100k team in 2003.
82. I answered the door nude once and it was the landlord. I graduated HS w/ 2 of his daughters.
83. They've never mentioned it, so maybe I'm still cool.
84. I went to HS and college w/ one of the girls.
85. In total I graduated w/ five of the same people from HS and college. We may meet at Alumni this year.
86. My buddy Rob and I talk every couple weeks.
87. We ran XC together and worked for the same company for 19 years.
88. I have zero desire to own a motorcycle.
89. If I had more time, I would bike 2-3 times a week.
90. I wish I would have played hockey.
91. I was a darn good floor hockey player. We played the teachers my senior year to a 4-4 tie, but they cheated. They were credited for a goal that went behind the net. I had two goals and an assist on our line. Our best guy played hockey in college for a short time. So did his brother. He was a Northstar fan. His favorite player was #8 Bill Goldsworthy.
92. I prefer Pepsi.
93. Fall is my favorite time of the year.
94. I have little interest in politics (but my mother-in-law does).
95. Jesus died for me.
96. I don't like it when the butter served is rock hard.
97. and people who drive the speed limit in the fast lane.
98. I am definately not musically inclined.
99. or creative...
100. or artistic.

Chad said...

Wow Double, thanks for the responses. I wasn't expecting that.

13. I ran scared once in the lead.

That's a great line.

24. I have over 100,000 baseball cards.

I think my brother "stole" my cards. I believe he still has them.

43. I failed Labor Economics. Prof was a tool. Looking back I was probably the tool.

That's exactly how I felt about my Math Prof. But you're right, I was probably the tool, not him.

45. I have an MBA.

I didn't know that.

46. Wanted to get up the ladder.

I did too - at the time. Now I just want to spend time with my family, run and be left alone at work.

67. I like some WWII history.

I'm about halfway through a book called Flyboys. It's the first histroy book I've read and I really like it. My dad was a history major.

68. Biographies mainly. Reading Churchill now.

I should read more biographies. I read one on Ben Franklin a couple years ago.

Duncan Larkin said...

Many similarities here as well.

I loved Johnny Bench. I still own about every baseball card made between 1983-1986 including many Johnny Bench and Tom Seaver doubles that I still will never trade.

I was in the Army, not the Navy.

I fractured my skull at 3.

I love to run as well

Chad said...

Hey Duncan,

I suppose those cards are your retirement account. :)

Anonymous said...

What is it about runners and cracking their heads open?

I cracked my head open when I was the bath tub; don't remember it, but the scar is still their and my mom said I fell and hit the faucet with the back of my head.

Is it possible that the crack in our head and running are related?

P.S. served 4 years in the USMC