Friday, March 11, 2005


Thursdays are hard for me. They might not be my hardest or longest effort of the week, but when combined with getting up earlier than normal along with a second run in the evening, it makes for a long day. “Earlier than normal” means getting up at 4:40 in order to get in a 12 mile run before work. Ideally, I’d like to do that in the evening, but with a young family, I try to make my running “invisible” to them. I suppose I could do it after they went to bed. Maybe I’ll do that this summer once it gets lighter.

Anyway, my AM run called for a 2 mile warm-up, 8 miles at “pace” and 2 mile cool-down. I know “pace” is very vague, it’s an up-tempo run, but not a tempo run. It’s faster than “normal” but slower than marathon pace. Clear a mud, huh? Today it was just one of those runs that I wanted to be done with before it even started. 1” to 2” of fresh snow didn’t help matters, especially in the pacing department. The first half wasn’t too bad once I got going. When I turned around I figured out why – I had a moderate tail wind pushing me a long. I usually try to run into the wind first, especially in the winter. But I’ve been running my pace runs along the same out and back route so I don’t have to keep worrying about where to turn around. We’ll I paid the price yesterday. I ended up negative splitting, but only by about 10 seconds – with a lot more effort exerted.

I really tried talking myself out of the PM run, but managed to hop on the treadmill for 5 miles. Watching VH1’s “Most Wanted Bodies” made the time go by quickly. The only bad thing is that I only made it to about 30th. The top 30 bodes are on too late. Maybe I’ll catch them one of these nights.

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