Wednesday, March 16, 2005


I just ran an easy 8 today. Halfway through the run I met a guy named Dave who was running with his 2 huskies. They were beautiful dogs – one was completely white, which I’d never seen before. One stopped to do his business, so we said good bye. About a minute later they caught up to me. Apparently the dogs like to “lead.” I could just imagine being on a sled and having a team of dogs pull me along – led by these two.

Dave seemed like a nice guy. However, when his other dog did his business, I noticed Dave didn’t pick it up. Granted the dog was off to the side of the trail, but you still have to pick up after your dog(s). Being a dog owner myself, that’s a huge pet peeve of mine.

Speaking of dog poop, the house 3 doors down from me has 2 huge labs. The owners let them crap in the yard all winter long without picking it up. Now that the snow has melted, for the most part, I see about 500 piles of crap in their yard. I remember walking by last year on a nice spring day and the owner was out there with a scooper and a 5 gallon bucket. Call me crazy but I’d rather just walk my dog and pick up after her one at time.

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