Saturday, March 19, 2005


Well, yesterday’s flurries kept coming and coming and the wind kept blowing and blowing. We ended up with 5-6 inches of new snow. It sounds like we were right on the edge of things. The northern suburbs barely got any snow, while 30 miles south of me got a foot or more of snow.

Normally, the day before a race, I like to get my run “out of the way” early to give myself 24 hours to recoup. However, with my daughter’s dance class in the morning and fresh snow that needed to be slid on, I didn’t get my run started until 7:30 PM. Not a huge deal because I was just running an easy 5 miles, plus tomorrow’s race isn’t until 1:20 PM. Yes, 1:20 – that’s not a typo. I have no idea how they determined that time.

I was a little worried that yesterday’s snowfall might make the course slippery, but I think the roads should be clear. It’s on a main road and with the high(er) afternoon sun today, we should be good to go. Sounds like temps will be in the mid-30s. That’s not bad. It’s still kind of weird though because the half marathon I ran on Feb 5th was 15 degrees warmer.

I ended the week with 62 miles on 7 runs. Through the 19th I’m at 190 miles. I’m on pace for 310 miles, which would only be the 3rd time I’ve broken 300 miles in a month.

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