Monday, March 14, 2005


Just a nice easy 6 mile run today. Usually I take the dog for about a mile in the morning and then I drive 30 minutes across town to near where I work. That allows me to exercise the dog and avoid the morning rush hour. Well this morning Bailey didn’t want to run for some reason, so I didn’t force her. I just drove across town, ran my 6 miles and threw in some strides at the end.

Every morning (okay, nearly every morning) I drive across town and park my car at a coffee shop before going for a run. Then I buy a large dark roast and head to the office to shower and start my day. I do this for a few reasons; 1) as stated above, to avoid the rush hour, 2) because I love coffee and 3) this particular shop is next to two old rail road beds that have been turned into limestone (maybe) trails. These trails are great because no motorized vehicles are allowed, they’re soft and they’re (for the most part) away from civilization. The things I don’t like are that they’re flat, flat, flat and that nearly all of my Mon-Fri runs are out and back over basically the same trails. I’ve only been running on these trails since Sept and it hasn’t been a big deal so far, mainly because it’s been pitch black outside. Now that it’s (slowly) getting light out, I may have to venture out and find some new routes. Of course, I’ll still park at “my” coffee shop.

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