Saturday, March 05, 2005


I had a harder workout planned for today, 12 miles with the middle 8 consisting of rolling hills. After warming up with my dog, I headed over to Camp Sacajawea – I like to refer to it as Mt. Sac, after the running-based relay event – which is about a 3 minute jog from my house. I like running hills there because there’s a perfect 1 mile loop that’s steep in 1 direction and gradual in the other. I proceeded to run 8 loops, alternating directions each time around. During the end of my last loop I was thinking about what a great loop that this is. 2 minutes later, I’m literally 50 meters from the exit, and the park ranger “pulls me over.” After asking if I live around the area, he explains that this is a Permit Only park and that I can’t run there. They don’t want strangers running around while kids are playing. In the last 2 years I’ve only run/biked there 4-5 times, so it’s not a huge deal. And once the snow melts I’ll be able to venture to my favorite trails and find some hills. But it still sucks.

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