Wednesday, March 09, 2005


Instead of using my sub-3 as a springboard for “success” and building off it in 2003, I took the year “off” to obtain another life-long goal – becoming an Ironman – which ($10,000 later – okay, more like $6,000 later) I finally achieved at Ironman-Wisconsin in September, 2003.

For awhile I was fired up about triathlons and even thinking about my 2004 season. Then I thought “I’m 34. If I want to see what I can accomplish in running and if I ever want another chance to approach my all-time PRs, now is the time. I’m not getting any younger.” So last year I did one sprint triathlon without any bike or swim training. Otherwise I focused on shorter road races and set most of my post-30 PRs which I mentioned earlier.

So now what? What are my goals and how do I get there? I signed up for Grandma’s marathon, which is June 18th. While I haven’t set a goal yet, I think something like 2:53-2:55 is possible, maybe faster depending on how training goes. I remember watching the Twin Cities marathon last fall and a gal I finish about 10 seconds behind in two different 10Ks during the summer, ran a 2:53.

I had no problem staying consistent and motivated this winter, however I kept questioning whether or not I was doing things “right.” I tend to get in a rut in the winter were I do all my runs really slow, like 8:00-8:30 pace. Meanwhile, I keep reading about 3:30 marathoners running 7:30-8:00 pace on their “easy” days and I think “WTF.” So I decided to hire a coach for the next year or two and see if it makes a difference. It’s not the most dynamic website, but you can learn more at The main thing I like is the group training sessions, which I try to attend 2 nights a week. This is only my 4th week with Matt, but so far so good. I don’t want to give too many of his secrets away, but likes to oscillate weekly mileage, he follows a hard/easy schedule and he also loves hills.

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