Monday, March 28, 2005


I probably could have run in shorts this morning. It was 35-40 degrees, depending on what info I choose to believe. The TV news in the morning is usually 5 degrees warmer than the bank clock near where I run. Since 40 is sort of my cut-off for shorts, I decided to “play it safe” and wear long pants. I only ran 6 miles, so it wasn’t a big deal either way. I was fairly tired again this morning. Running 9 hours after last night’s 10 miler probably didn’t help matters. I threw in a few strides towards the end of today’s run. They were kind of “half-assed” but better than not doing anything.

I scored a pair of thin white running gloves during the run too. Actually I saw a single glove and ignored it, than about 5 minutes later I saw its mate and picked it up. Since I run out-and-back, I picked up the other one on my return trip. I already have a pair of white ones, but you can’t have too many.

I got the next 2 weeks of my program from my coach today, along with the following message “On Tuesday and Saturday, plan to run up front with Erik or Leonardo, ok? That will challenge your muscles and mind a bit more.” I guess my ability to run at the back of the pack when I was flat on Saturday didn’t impress him. He’s probably right. Plus, since this week’s mileage is only 65 with Saturday’s run being 12, I should feel a lot fresher than last week.

12 weeks till Grandma’s!!!

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