Friday, March 11, 2005


If I could have hit the snooze button this morning I would have. However, I’m going out of town with some high school friends this afternoon and there’s no other time for me to get my run in. Good thing it was just an easy 6 miles. Nothing too exciting to report. I did pass two runners who were going in the opposite direction. Right when we were getting ready to exchange greetings, one of them tripped and fell. You don’t see that too often.

So this afternoon I’m heading back to where I went to college. We were all excited to hang out with the college kids (read college babes), but yesterday we found out the school is on spring break this week. There will probably be some people out, but not as many as usual. A few of us are staying the night including me. However, I’m planning on leaving around 7 AM so I can get back and train with my team in the morning. Hopefully that 17 I have planned with hills won’t be too painful.

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