Saturday, August 27, 2005


I suppose I could have called this post Part 3 of my latest “series” but I’ll add a little variety instead. One of my P2 teammates had a party at his house last night. Since he lives about 4 miles away I couldn’t not go, right? The last P2 party I went to lasted until 1 AM. At 8 I joked that we only had 5 hours to go – thinking there was no way I’d make it that long – having gotten up before 5 and possible having to get up at 6 the next day if I wanted to race.

Well, we didn’t make it till 1 AM, but midnight was close enough. Nothing really exciting happened. After the early birds went home, a group of 10 went inside and, as Jim would say, "jawboned". Of course by this time there was no way I’d be getting up at 6 AM (even though I only had 2 beers). That’s alright. If you factor in the entry fee ($20) and gas ($15) it would have been a $35 5K.

Instead of racing I decided to get in a “long” run. My girls wanted to come along in the stroller which was alright with me. I pumped up the tires to decrease the roll resistance (one of those triathlon/biking terms) I pushed Kinsey for an hour before taking Katie out for 40 minutes. Based on effort, rather than pace, I called it 12 miles.

It was a beautiful day, probably 65-70 degrees, low humidity and sunny with a fairly strong breeze. When we got back I left the stroller outside. Later that afternoon, all 3 tires were flat. I went to pump them up and discovered that there as a 4 inch gash in each tube. The recommended pressure is 40-65 psi and I pumped the tires to 60 psi. It wasn’t that hot in the sun, so I’m not sure what caused them ALL to explode like that.

Jim emailed later to say he ran 1:26:49 (including a stop to tie his shoe). Even just reading his email I could tell he was really excited about his race. I believe his goal was 1:27. That’s 4 weekends of racing in a row for him (10k, 15k, 10k, half) yet it doesn’t seem to phase him.

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