Tuesday, August 09, 2005


Normally I try to post how other friends or people from my training group are doing in their races too. That way you don’t get bored with just reading about me. Anyway, I totally forgot to do this for Sunday’s race. Jenna won the women’s race by 1 second in 35:39. It sounds like she lead the whole way and held off a hard charging gal at the line. Jim, I believe I mentioned was just ahead of me at the line. Mary, who also trains with the group I’m in, ran 48:13. Complete results can be found here.

I did a little analysis comparing our average mile times from Tuesday’s workout to our average pace per mile for the race. Jenna, Mary and I were 12-18 seconds slower per mile during the race. Jim ran the exact same pace. I’m not exactly sure what that means. Maybe I shouldn’t be so “upset” with ending up near Jim given that his pacing didn’t drop off.

As Evan pointed out in the comment section, you can find some photos from the race here. Scroll down a little until you see Hennepin-Lake Classic Coverage, then find the “10k Race – 151 photos”.

To put some faces to the names above, Jenna (bib 5) is in photos 29-30 and 125-127. Jim’s (bib 245) in #52 and I’m (bib 75) in #53 and #54.


Anonymous said...

Jim may be training at ideal pace. The conversion for you and the others appears to follow suit for me as well.

I have not made an official decision yet about Whistlestop. Have you?

How's the book?

I was up last week for a quick trip, but should make it up a couple more times in the next couple months. Maybe I'll taper for Tuesday....

Chad said...

I took that analysis to mean Jim races better than the rest of us. When I told Jim about it he said it means he trains too slow. His response doesn't surprise me.

On the days it's cool outside I plan on running Whistlestop. When it's hot it's the last thing on my mind. Actually my friend Eric says he wants to do, so I'll probably run it. If nothing else, I do the half.

Sounds like there are some cool trails near that Fairfield Inn you stayed at last time. I'm checking them out on Friday with Evan and Debbie. Maybe we can run them the next time you're in town.

Chad said...

Oh, I haven't started the book yet. Still reading No Bugles, No Drums.