Monday, August 29, 2005


It was cool enough this morning that I decided to try and get back into the habit of taking Bailey for a mile run in the morning. If it’s too hot or muggy I just take her for a quick walk. But she loves to eat, so she needs more exercise then she typically gets in the summer. She definitely has to be the biggest scaredy-cat in the world. While we were running I got a bug in my mouth and spit it out. The sounds of me spitting made her take off like the start of a 100 meter dash. After dropping her off at home I managed another 5 miles at a leisurely pace.

If you have a blog, Will had a good post recently regarding things that all bloggers probably think about; who’s reading my blog, is my mom or wife reading, how much traffic am I getting, etc. I particularly like the statements regarding apologizing for not posting.

To apologize for not posting often enough is to say to one's readers, "Ohhhhhh, you've missed me, haven't you? Aren't I important? How could you make it those three days without me?"

If I remember correctly, I almost apologized once. Actually I just said I’d try to do a better job of posting daily – more for me, than for my “vast” readership.

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