Monday, May 16, 2005


I just ran an easy 5 miles this morning and I think that’s about all I could handle. My legs were really heavy. I’d be surprised if I was running faster than 9-minute miles.

I don’t think I summarized last week at all. Since this looks like a short entry, I might as well do it here. I ended up with 60 miles on 8 runs with Thursday’s tempo run being “the best” of the bunch. So it looks like my mileage has dropped off a little lately. I have more 60-70 mile weeks, than 70-80 mile. At this point in my training, I’m okay with that. Right now I’m more concerned about having solid hard workouts and recovering quickly after an easy day (besides, 60-70 is still as good as, or better than my past marathon training). I’ll be interested to see how my legs bounce back for tomorrow’s hill workout. Usually I run my long run on Saturday and then have 2 easier days before running hills. This week I'll just have one easy day between.

On a non-running note, I was walking Bailey tonight and there was a kid shooting hoops in his driveway. It was great to see the youth of today outside on a dreary day. As I approach him, I noticed he had a BIG bag of something like cheese puffs in his left hand and he was shooting with his right. I just thought it was weird. At least he was “exercising.”

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