Monday, May 02, 2005


While I was getting dressed for my run this morning I was watching the weather on TV. The weatherman said through the first 3 weeks of April we were on-pace for the warmest April ever. After everything was said and done, we finished in 11th. I don’t know about you, but I’d rather have the cold April weather at the beginning of the month. In fact, if there’s any month where I’d like the warm days at the end – it’s probably April.

I dragged myself through an easy 6 miles this morning. I definitely felt the race and my long run from yesterday. Hopefully I’ll bounce back by tomorrow night’s workout.

Lots of race results from the weekend that included people with ties to Minnesota or Wisconsin. This is not an all inclusive list. It’s mainly top names that people will recognize with a few that you might not.

5K – Badgers – Matt Tegenkamp 13:31.98, Matt Withrow (red-shirt freshman) 13:35.32, Chris Solinsky 13:38.92. Sean Graham (former Stillwater high school and William & Mary star) 13:42.28. Garrett Heath (former Winona high school star and red-shirt freshman at Stanford) 13:56.40. Antonio Vega (U of MN) 14:10.01 and Forrest Tahdooahnippah (no, I’m not kidding - Stanford) 14:10.86. Women – Dana Coons (Team MN) 16:31.61.

10K – Badgers – Simon Bairu 28:04, Matt Downin (former Badger) 28:37. Andrew Carlson (U of MN) 28:56. Matt Gabrielson (Team MN) DNF. Women – Katie McGregor (Team MN) 31:25 (26 second PR).

10K – I don’t know these guys but 2 freshman from D3 schools in Wisconsin ran 30:11 (Scott Mueller - LaCrosse) and 30:18 (Tyler Sigl - Platteville) in a race that D3 X-C champ Josh Moen (Wartburg) ran 30:14. Heather May (doesn’t have any MN/WI ties that I know of, she used to post on Beck’s Donnybrook) 36:18.

1500 – Luke Watson (Team MN), 4:03.67, Matt Grosse (UW-LaCrosse alum) 4:08:44, Toby Henkels (Team MN) 4:11:43 – PR. Women – Janelle Deatherage (Team MN) 4:22:77.


Anonymous said...

I run with Mueller some in the summer. His old man Dave is a competitive master runner and a 30-31 10k himself in the day. Get this, Dave ran XC at Hale High w/ Kooch. How's that for less than 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon.

Chad said...

Cool. I love hearing when parents "pass down" their love of the sport to their kids. But still, 30:11 as a freshman is scary-fast. Sounds like he doesn't "belong" at a D3 school.

Kooch was probably better than Dave back then.