Wednesday, May 11, 2005


I just did an easy 8 miles this morning with some strides thrown in towards the end. Instead of just lumbering along, thinking of whatever popped into my mind, I decided to try and focus on things I’d like to think about during Grandma’s. Yes, I have a list of affirmations and images that I like to practice before my races, especially marathons. I find I run better when I “pre-program” my mind, rather than leaving my thoughts to chance once the gun goes off.

Of course, I let me mind wander too. But it’s always nice to be able to reel it in with some positive thoughts and images when I want to. Some of the affirmations are as simple as “Calm and confident, I run great” and “I’m in a position to strike and get what I like.” One of my favorites comes from a tempo run I was doing a year or two ago. I was probably running 6:15 pace and passed some kids playing outside. One kid said “he’s flying.” Some of the imagery I use includes picturing me as a well-oiled machine or a wedge (if I’m running into the wind). Given the conditions so far this Spring, the wedge might come in handy at Grandma’s.

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