Monday, May 30, 2005


Ever wake up to perfect weather (60, sunny, calm and no humidity) and wish you’d signed up for a race? That’s what happened today. The Brian Kraft 5k is a little over 1 lap around Lake Nakomis.

Flat + no sharp turns + top local runners + perfect weather = FAST

I’m not sure what the hell the weather people were looking at last week, but they got it WRONG. They kept talking about the cool, rainy weather over the holiday weekend. I thought about taking Kinsey with me to watch the race, but given that forecast, I didn’t want to mention it to her. When I saw how nice it was I asked her if she wanted to go with. She said yes and was very excited. Unfortunately, we had to leave Katie behind because I only have a single baby jogger.

We got there about an hour before the start so I could get my run in. I tried to explain everything to Kinsey, so she’d have an idea of what to expect. I was thinking about running to the mile maker, then after the runners went by, we’d go back to the finish. However, Kinsey wanted to see the start of the race. So we watched that, then ran to about the 2 mile mark to cheer people on.

Jenna just continues to impress. She was the 2nd woman overall in 17:09 (16 seconds behind a gal that ran at the U of M). Jim bounced back from three less than satisfying longer races (including a 1:06:00 10 miler on Saturday) to run 18:42. Complete results can be found here.

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