Sunday, May 01, 2005


Well I’m glad I wasn’t racing today. I went for my run at 11 AM and it was 38, windy with flurries. The first 1.5 miles included Bailey, while pushing Katie. Then I dropped them off and pushed Kinsey for 6 miles. Finally I was able to run the last 6.5 miles by myself, on the trails. The nice thing about this shitty weather is that not many people use the trails in those conditions. As I thought that to myself, I looked up to see a walker. It turned out to be Deb. I barely recognized her with her hood up and big mittens on. I ended up running just under 2 hours and called it 14. That was probably further than I needed to go, but I felt guilty about not cooling down very much yesterday.

Last week’s mini-taper resulted in only 48 miles. That was my lowest total since I got the flu in December. I ended April with 279 miles. I ran 29 of 30 days, including 4 two-a-days. I actually thought I’d be over 300 miles. However, there were numerous occasions where I told myself not to worry about mileage and that the main thing was getting in solid workouts and recovering from them. Still, that was my highest April by 36 miles. 5 of my last 7 months have been all-time highs for those months.

Quick rant: I forgot to mention this yesterday, but they ran out of medium and large shirts yesterday. Apparently you could pick your shirt up before race day or even that morning. I’m still not sure how the hell that happens with a race that’s been around this long.


kemibe said...

"Who’s the coach that suggested 'living like a clock'"

Tom Derderian of the Greater Boston Track Club.

Chad said...

Wow, ask and you shall receive. Thanks.