Sunday, June 19, 2005


Just thought I'd post my time for those that are interested. I'll write a report up later today or tomorrow. Obviously, it wasn't what I hoped for.


Anonymous said...

This long stuff isn't easy. Looked like you went out on target and were a bit behind at 20.

Was it one of those days were at an hour or so training runs felt better? I hate when that happens.

Your PR is like mine. Less than what I'd ever expect on the training I did. I have not ran a successful marathon on high mileage. I'll probably stick around 70 and be happy with that.

Would you do the higher mileage the next time around? Maybe a redemption marathon is in order on a steady diet of 60-70.

Good effort bud.

Chad said...


I was on-pace for about 10k, then ran 6:55s for the next 10 miles before stopping to use the Biffy. Then I basically shut it down.

The mile markers were actually going by fairly quickly. I'm just a "head case."

Lots of things are floating around in my head right now;

Maybe I was overtrained.
Maybe I was used to the higher mileage yet and I need more.
Maybe I need to stick to fall marathons.
Maybe I need a 12-week program instead of 18 weeks.
Maybe I need to focus on shorter stuff for the next year or two.
Maybe I need more marathons during the next year or two.

I guess if they were easy to figure out we wouldn't keep doing them.

Thanks for your support along the way.

Stay tuned.

Anonymous said...

1. Hard to say. I'm starting to believe peak mileage should be done 3-4 months before the race. Unless you use a short 3 week mileage peak. You could do that 2 months out.
2. I don't think you needed more, maybe just do it a little earlier.
3. I don't know, but personally it is easier to train for a fall marathon and get a chance to sharpen up more at local races. It's usually cooler as well.
4. Personally, 18 weeks is way too long to look down the road. For who we are 12 weeks seems just the right amount of time to crack it down, experiment and still get in the fine tuning.
5. I often thought about this, but I have no ambition to PR at the 10k. I love this long stuff. If I were you, I'd go light to July. Then I would come back to run a fall marathon, basically off shorter races, one 20 miler a month and a bunch of 10 mile runs. Heck, even better plan; Run 60 miles a week and do what seems fun.
6. Do a 50 miler instead and come to the other side.

Chad said...

1. Most of my long weeks were during the winter. My last 80+ week was 9 weeks out.

This is the most times I've been over 80 mpw and maybe it just caught up with me.

2. If I did the long weeks in the winter and skipped the spring marathon, this would be accomplished.

3. I totally agree. Cool weather is one of my main concerns.

4. Given that I ran so well at Whistlestop after racing all summer then following a 7-week program - maybe shorter is better for me. It's not like I'm not running from 18 weeks out. It's just the marathon wouldn't be my #1 priority.

5. Yeah I'll lie low for 2 weeks and probably won't race again till August. I'm kicking around the idea of running Whistlestop again.

6. Not anytime soon.