Thursday, June 30, 2005


Tonight I was supposed to meet Evan for the first time and go for a run together. Unfortunately, I had a brain freeze. For some reason I keep getting Lake Nokomis (which is off of Cedar Ave) and Minnehaha Falls (which is off of Hiawatha Ave) mixed up.

As I was driving down Cedar to Nokomis I suddenly realized I was supposed to be at the Falls. Luckily I still had 10 minutes to drive the 1.5 miles. As I sat at the Falls I was thinking back to my last email to Evan and I know I mentioned something like “it’s easy to get to for me because it’s just of Cedar” (which is a straight shot from my ‘burb). So at 7:58 I sprint back to my car and head back to Nokomis.

By this time, I’m really confused. I kept thinking we’d run the Get in Gear course which starts right at the Falls, but I kept coming back to the “just off Cedar” statement. Needless to say, we never hooked up. I ended up running 2+ laps around the lake and called 6 miles. It was the best my legs have felt since the marathon.

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