Saturday, June 11, 2005


I joined my team for my last “long” run before Grandma’s. We met at Lake Nakomis where the triathletes swam for awhile before practicing transitions. Most of them are racing the Manitou Sprint Triathlon tomorrow, so they only ran for 15 minutes. It’ll be the first tri of the season for most of them and I could sense their excitement.

I ran 20 minutes while they were swimming, then 5 of us headed out for another hour. The grand total was 10 miles. It was a comfortable pace – not really fast or slow. I feel like my legs and breathing are both coming around. Plus, no pain in my foot, so I’m confident heading into my final week.

Speaking of confidence, Jenna’s must be sky-high. Today she went “back home” for the Bellin 10k and ran 35:03. That’s 51 seconds faster than the PR she set on April 30th. Basically, she PRs everytime she laces her shoes up. I was thinking she's in 2:47 shape, but now I'd say 2:45 is possible. Note: It's always "easy" to come up with goals for other people.

Meanwhile, Jim ran a 31:08 5 mile race and won the 60-64 age-group by 55 seconds. I don’t think I’ve mentioned it yet, but I’m trying to convince Jim to join our team. I think he’s the perfect candidate for a coach. He’s highly motivated, driven and tremendously talented (not that those things are required to hire a coach). I just don’t think he grasps the hard/easy approach. He went to last Tuesday’s practice to check things out. Unfortunately, I wasn’t there due to my foot. We’ll see if he continues to show up or not.

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