Tuesday, June 21, 2005


Some of this is from the comments that have been posted recently. I thought I'd turn them into an entry and add a few other things.

Maybe after 8 months of solid training, I just expected a PR to be handed to me. I forgot what effort was still required on RACE DAY.

Maybe 30k at MP 6 weeks before my goal race is too much.

Maybe I need to worry less about maxing out my pre-race meal and focus more on nutrition during the race. My stomach felt funny the first 4 miles, then I ended up not taking any gels the 2nd half of the race. Maybe I don’t need as my carbs and calories as I think I need.

Maybe I need to look at every split and adjust each mile based on my goal pace. Set a realistic time goal, then just keep after it.

Maybe I was just not used to my coach’s program yet and I need to give my body more time to adjust to it and the higher mileage.

Maybe I need to stick to fall marathons.

Maybe I need a 12-week program instead of 18 weeks.

Maybe I need to focus on shorter stuff for the next year or two.

Maybe I need more marathons during the next year or two.

What’s with the volunteer at mile 25? When I had a side-stitch I was trying to massage it out. She said something like “oh, someone’s got an ouie.”

Elizabeth Yetzer won the National High School 2 mile in 10:15.73 and doubled up with a 4th in the mile in 4:43.12.


Anonymous said...

I'm out here trying to figure out the same damn thing and here's what I know.

My 2:45 in 2000 was done off the Beck program. High intensity for 9 weeks. I knew jack about marathoning. Ran a 30k track workout 22 days out w/ 10k splits of 40:24,38:11,36:15 for 1:54:50.
That's 6:10 pace and I would average 6:19 3 weeks and a day later.

My 2:40 at Boston was off 51 miles a week that year and I was basically not running at all the October and November prior to that winter. I ran a 1:15:46 Half 22 days prior to Boston for 5:47 a mile. Boston averaged the high 6:08s.

These are my best efforts and:
1. High intensity, ran tired a lot
2. Short training cycle, as little as 9 weeks
3. Only 3 runs of 20 or more
4. Lots of miles at or below race pace

That doesn't look optimal, but it worked. I missed most of July last year, fired it up for 2 months and ran a 2:46 last year into a strong Lakefront headwind.

Three things about marathons for me:

1. I don't have to eat anything for a marathon, so I don't worry about it. If a gel is handed to me somewhere along the way I'll eat one.

2. I eat whatever I want all the time. I could drastically improve here, but if it ain't broke don't fix it. I have had success with carbo loading many times.

3. Zeke, I never worry about splits in a marathon. You can't force it. If I train to run at 6:10 - 6:20 pace all the time, several days a week, I find I have to hold back in a marathon. This is a luxury of a position and one worthy of consideration.

From me to you man...............

Chad said...

As always, interesting comments. I'm thinking about running Whistlestop using the same approach I used in 2001. If I pop another good one I'll know I'm onto "something" - at least for me.