Sunday, June 26, 2005


I had thoughts of biking on Saturday and running today. But that’s all they were – thoughts. I ended up sitting on my ass all weekend. Actually, the weekend was not a total waste. I spent a lot of time with my girls, plus I was able to get some yard work completed. I also finally got around to grouting the tile around our “new” fireplace. I say “new” because we’ve had it for a year now. It probably took me 6 months to get around to tiling it and another 6 months before I grouted it. At least I’m consistent – every 6 months I check something off my “honey do” list.

Congrats to Katie McGregor on winning her first National title with her victory in the 10k this weekend. I guess I don’t understand the inner workings of professional running. Carrie Tollefson ran the 5k and finished 5th. Less than an hour later she had to run the first round of her best event, the 1500, and she failed to advance.

Race directors: How do you get more runners at your event? Offer prize money. There was a local 10k last year drew 50 runners with the winner running 37:48. This year they offered $10,000 in prize money, including $1,000 to the overall male and female runners. That drew 264 runners and a 37:48 would have placed 7th – among women – and 33rd overall. After failing to advance in his 1500 on Thursday, Luke Watson came back home and placed 2nd in 30:40 to pocket $700. First place went to Mathew Chesang (30:36) with Vincent Topiwo and Shadrack Kimeli also placing in the top-7. Hmm, they’re all from Manhattan, Kansas. No wonder I’ve never seen their name in the local results before. On the women’s side Sara Wells and Dana Coons of Team USA Minnesota went 1-2 in 34:59 and 35:48, respectively.

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