Wednesday, June 22, 2005


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I’m not sure if it was the massage (gotta plug my friend’s business since she gave me 2 passes) or not, but my legs feel a lot better today. I haven’t run since Grandma’s but I think I’ll lace ‘em up tonight.

Kinsey had her tonsils removed yesterday, so Katie and I went to visit around dinner time. The hospital is near the Macalester track, so we stopped by to see the team for a few minutes. Once the group went for their warm-up, I talked with my coach about my race. We didn’t come to any new revelations. He thought my report was an honest assessment of the day. He did mention that my foot injury could have led to me not being as sharp, mentally, on race day. I suppose that’s a possibility.

I gave him a list of races that I’m thinking about doing this summer. There are 8 races on it and 2 of those I’m not too concerned if I do them or not. The earliest one that I care about is a 10 miler on July 23rd. The two most important races to me are on Labor Day weekend, one of which is my college alumni race. For some reason their five-year age groups are a year off. So instead of having 35-39, they have 36-40. Don’t ask me why – it’s Wisconsin (jab, jab). Anyway, I’ll be 36 this year and in a new age group.


Anonymous said...

Zeke, do you race all-out a week or two before a marathon over like 5k-8k? As an altenative, do you do 85-95% over 2 miles or 5k like 5-6 days prior to the marathon?
Maybe a combo of both?

2000 Lakefront
9/16 30k track 1:54:50
9/23 8k Al's 27:55 (race)
9/27 3 x 2K 7:03,6:53,6:52
10/4 3 miles track 18:48
10/8 2:45

2002 Boston
3/23 Half 1:15:46 (race)
3/27 14 miles total w/ 4 at 6:00
3/30 8k track 30:18
4/2 8 miles hilly road 6:41 pace
4/4 5k track 17:05
4/8 Ran 6:30s for over 6 miles
4/10 2 miles 11:14
4/15 2:40

2004 Lakefront
9/11 5k 16:49 (race)
9/14 6 x 4:00 w/ 2:00 reat
9/18 8k track 28:52
9/25 8k Al's 27:42 (race)
9/29 2 miles in 12:09
10/3 2:46

Did your Whistlestop run have runs like this?

Chad said...


Here are my key workouts leading up to the 2002 Whistlestop.

8/27 4M tempo @ 6:29 pace AND 3 x 1M (5:55, 5:57, 6:00)
8/31 29:15 5M race
9/4 3 x 1M (6:15, 5:35, 6:15)
9/11 3 x 5k (6:54, 6:34, 6:17 pace)
9/18 4 x 1.5M (6:30-6:35 pace)
9/26 3 x 2.5M (6:38-6:41 pace)
10/2 3 x 1k (3:54, 3:43, 3:41) AND 10 x 400 (82-86)
10/7 3 x 1M w/ 1:00 rest
10/12 2:58 (6:47 pace)

June through Aug that year I also meet with a bunch of college friends once a week for a 10-14 mile run that was probably close to my MP.

As for long runs, I did 4 over 20. Since I only had 7 weeks to get them in, I still remember taking a couple of Fridays off to do them.

Fri 8/23 20 miles
Mon 9/2 20 miles
Fri 9/12 22 miles
Sat 9/21 20 miles

I think it was around this time I read that Joan Benoit Samuelson liked to run her long runs 10 days apart. She said 7 was too close and 14 was too far apart.

Chad said...

Hey double,

How many runs > 20 miles do you do prior to a marathon? How far out is your last one from race day? And how far apart do you space them?


Anonymous said...


I do quite a few "long" runs from Dec - May, so I don't really feel like I need too many or need to go to far. However, as I look at last years effort I found I did this:
7/24 17.2 (7:21)
8/7 20.0 (7:31)
8/14 22.0 (6:50)
8/21 18.0 (7:19)
8/28 17.0 w/ 14 at 6:16 pace
8/29 18.0 (7:35)
9/4 19.3 w/ 20k 6:07 pace
9/5 16.0 (7:42)
9/12 20.0 (6:44)
9/19 17.3 (7:38)
10/3 Lakefront

Now this surprised the hell out of me now that I looked it up. Not tons of distance, but a couple back to backers at good efforts and I went long consistently. I like to run several hard and some I brick with long tempo runs or a race. I was coming off an ITB injury prior to this and felt I had to grind it hard for a couple months. Honestly, if the weather would have been better I feel a 2:42 range effort was in order. The race turned out to be a grinder and though I made a mistake or two, I passed about 4-5 guys the last 5 miles to grab 5th overall in 2:46.

I read Joan's book and saw the ten day note. However, she trained pretty hard all the time and probably needed that. I can train hard 3-4 days a week for about two months before I have to taper and race. The other 3-4 days of the week I take off or go relatively easy.

I have a rough framework in my mind of what I want to do, but I am not rigid by any standards. I like to hook up with other people at times and will adapt my workouts to fit theirs. For instance Stefanovic called this week and wants to do 20-24. I didn't really want to go that far, but it is a great reason to adjust the week and keep it fun. It will be a fairly hard effort for me and more like a moderate effort for him. That's okay, I know Lakefront is months away.

Chad said...


Thanks for the info. Only 3 runs of 20+, but lots of 16-19 milers.

Must be nict to head out with Stefanovic once in awhile.