Friday, June 29, 2007


Well it feels like I’m coming around a little more every day. Yesterday I ran a very easy 6 miles. This morning was supposed to be 5 easy miles without a watch. Once I got going I found myself moving pretty well. I decided to time a mile just to see how fast I was moving. I ended up with a 7:40, that’s a about MP + 60 seconds, which is pretty good for me on a solo run.

My right leg felt awesome. The back of my left leg feels about 80%. So I was running around in circles. Just kidding. The left leg hurts the most when I go up hill, so I’ve really been backing off on the hills. I’m thinking about running on the treadmill for a few days in a row to see if that helps speed up the healing process.

Focusing on Grandma’s Marathon did set back my interviewing schedule a little. Now I have a bunch in the works, so I should be posting quite a few in the near future. I think today’s interview is great. If you’re curious about what it takes to drop your 5K time from sub-27 to sub-17 in “less than 2 years”, you may want to check it out.

Quote of the day;

“My times did improve rapidly but it wasn’t because I was “gifted” or “naturally talented.” I was very dedicated from the get-go. I started reading about training, talking to people, and working out my own training schedules almost from that very first run. I worked very hard at improving and developing what ability I had to the highest level.” - Kelly Keeler-Ramacier

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