Tuesday, June 26, 2007


A day later my legs feel way better. Of course, not running this morning probably has something to do with that. We’ll see what tomorrow brings.

Awhile ago I posted an interview I did for Twin Cities Sports. Here’s the edited version that made it into the publication (and online).

Note: I didn’t write the “Find everything there is to know about the Twin Cities running scene at a new blog” quote. That’s way over the top.

Locally, Down the Backstretch does a much better job covering the entire local scene. I’m curious if any other bloggers, from other states, have anything similar out there? There definitely has to be a market out there for real-time coverage of other local and regional areas.

Thanks to DtB for pointing me towards a brief chat with Katie McGregor. I thought a couple of the questions were interesting, or should I say odd. For example, “Can you see a situation in which you and Kara Goucher might train with each other, that she might say ‘why don’t you come out to Oregon and train with me in preparation for Osaka?’” Let’s see, Osaka is 8 weeks away, Kara trains with the Oregon Project, Katie trains with Team USA Minnesota, they have different coaches, different workouts, different philosophies, etc. I mean it’s not like they’re both running by themselves and just training together would just lead to better results.

Quote of the day;

“Yeah, you know…I don’t know. I mean, I guess you never know. I’m not too sure…” – Katie McGregor, doing her best to respond to the question above

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