Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Here was the conversation last night as we put the girls to bed – keep in mind that my daughter Kinsey is all about princesses and falling in love.

Kinsey (in her best princess voice): I’m so excited for tomorrow.

Amy (my wife): Why?

Kinsey: Because it’s your anniversary.

Amy: Oh.

I’m missed the rest of the conversation because I stepped out of the room. When I returned, I asked Kinsey if mom was excited about tomorrow.

Kinsey (now sounding extremely disappointed): Not really.

Sorry to burst her bubble, but if it were up to her (and Disney) she’d be married this weekend. Anyway, Happy 9th Anniversary to my wonderful wife. It’s hard to believe anyone would stick with me for that long.

Does anyone else find it weird when other people send you anniversary cards for your anniversary? Or father’s day cards from someone other than your kids (or wife)? Send me a birthday card or Christmas card – that’s fine. But the other holidays seem a little more personal.

Back to running. I think I’m making progress. I managed to run an easy 7 miles this morning. The legs were feeling pretty good. I could still feel the pain behind my knee, but it was more of a nuisance, especially when I was going up hills.

Quote of the day;

“As we become increasingly involved in technology, science, and business, we should not lose that instinct, that feeling for the earth. Running is a very beautiful way to bring out those healthy feelings.” – Bill Rodgers

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