Thursday, June 21, 2007


My legs are finally pain-free, but they’re still tired. Still no running, but I managed to mountain bike for 40 minutes this morning.

I forgot to mention that I finished 168th out of 6,998. Based on history, I thought top-100 might be realistic. However, that wasn’t taking into account the number of top runners that come to Duluth to try and qualify for the Trials.

Thought I’d congratulate a few of the people I’ve interviewed recently.

Angie continues to run well. She finished as the 17th woman in 2:54:49 and knocked 3:24 off her PR.

Jenna overcame a heel injury that forced her to cross-train for three weeks and still managed a 7th place 2:47:44 – making her $2,500 richer.

“Race of the Day” goes to Melissa who finished 8th in 2:47:59. Given that her PR is 2:45:55, that might not sound that impressive. However, keep in mind she was “only” racing 1:22 – 1:23 half marathons 4 and 5 weeks before the race.

Other people I've interviewed ran too, but they probably don't want me calling any attention to their race results.

Speaking of interviews; I spent last night compiling all the interviews I’ve conducted into one document. I’m wondering if there’s a cheap way to get them published. I know my wife has created a book of photos using My Publisher. I need to do a little more research to see if it’s feasible and to see if people would even be interested in purchasing such a book. If anyone has any other ideas, let me know.

Quote of the day;

“Passion/Drive/Determination/High Energy Level/Spirited: I do really well in longer events and have the drive to follow-through with my goals.”Melissa Gacek describing her strengths


Evan Roberts said...

You'll probably make more money for less effort by getting ads onto the interview blog.

Chad said...

Well, it's not really about making money. It's about producing something that people would like to have a copy of on their book shelf.

massoman said...

just catching up chad. you had a excellent race, quite a good day. congrats!

those girls are sure cute.