Wednesday, June 13, 2007


It's kind of weird, my legs have felt a little sluggish running lately, but they feel really good just walking around the office. Ran an easy 4 miles today.

Still busy at work. Gotta be careful and make sure I at least stop to eat. Actually, I'm more of a "grazer", especially in the afternoon. I munch on carrots, pretzels, fig newtons, apples, etc. all afteroon. Lately I've been so busy that I end up bringing some of my food back home. Not a big deal unless you have a marathon in 3 or 4 days. Oh wait...

I did manage to make it to the running store over lunch. I ended up buying a new pair of shorts and am considering racing in them. I know, I know...don't try anything new on race day. But they have a pocket in the back that would allow me to carry my gels in a flask - rather than pin them to my bib number. Decisions, decisions...

No surprise - after being nice here all spring, it has decided to heat up. For us that means upper 80s to low 90s for the highs. The last few mornings have been around 70 degrees. At least the dew points have been low. Of course, who knows what that means for Duluth. We're 150 miles south of there. And let's not forget the big body of water next to Duluth that tends to cool things off.

Anyway, this wave of hot air has me thinking that I should have a Plan B in place in case it's hot during the race. I don't run well in the heat, so the possibility of running sub-2:55 if it gets above let's say 65 degrees are slim to none. So do I set another goal of something like sub-3? Or do I just make it a race and try to place as high as possible, like top-100? Whatever I decide, it'll be run off a much more conservative first half pace. Going out at goal pace on a hot day because you didn't realize it was hot until mile 8 doesn't work. I tried that at TCM in 1997 and I still remember it. A goal of sub-3 turned into 3:26.

In any case, today's quote of the day gives me some hope;

“Less-than-ideal conditions are always less of a factor when you are feeling strong.” - Mike Reneau

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