Tuesday, July 03, 2007


I think I’m onto the post-marathon depression stage; 1) I’m tired on nearly every run and 2) my leg continues to bother me. Both of which make it very hard to get motivated.

This is the third week post-marathon, so I need to start getting my act together soon. To help “fix” #1, I think I need to get back into a routine of going to bed at 9 PM, eating better, hydrating better and adding back in some core strength work. To help “fix” #2, I think I need to see the doc or get a massage.

Since my recent "training" is so lame and I don’t have anything enlightening to write about, go check out my two latest interviews.

Quote of the day;

“Running changed my life. I became a different person when I became a runner. Growing up and as a young adult I was so painfully shy. I held myself back in so many ways because I was afraid to try things. For some reason, running never intimidated me. I would walk up to total strangers and ask about their training. I would meet people I didn’t know and do workouts with them on the track. I traveled to races constantly. I always felt very confident and comfortable with myself when I was around other runners.”- Kelly Keeler-Ramacier

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Don said...

I feel your pain my friend. I hope you find the fix for both #1 and #2 soon.