Monday, June 25, 2007


The last time I ran Grandma’s and TCM in the same year I ended up setting PRs each time. Let hope that trend continues. Right now we’re 15 weeks ‘til TCM and mind and body are NOT one. When I’m sitting around day dreaming, I’m eager to get back to training and take another crack at the marathon. When I actually hit the roads I feel like crap. My legs are still heavy and a pain I had in the back of my leg, where the knee bends, after the race still bothers me a little when I run.

Friday I ran a very easy 5 miles. Saturday I did a small group run for 6 miles. Drinking coffee afterwards took longer than the actual run. Yesterday was an easy hour with Evan. And this morning was 4 very easy miles. No real goal for the week, but I’m thinking 30-40 miles.

I spent part of the weekend watching/reading about the USA Outdoor Track & Field Championships on TV as well as through the web with sites such as, Down the Backstretch and Flotrack. Good stuff. Lots of athletes with Minnesota ties performed really well. Congrats to them.

That’s all I have – the marathon sucked me dry.

Quote of the day;

“The first thing the TV interviewer asked him when he won was ‘Who are you?’ He wore his MSU jersey and everybody wanted to know where Mankato, Minn. was.”coach Mark Schuck referring to Jim Dilling’s upset win in the high jump


Gregg said...

the nice thing you have going your way is all the base you accumulated this spring getting ready for G-Mas. Give yourself three weeks to adjust and I bet you will be feeling much better. Once or twice a week try some striders after your runs and see if that helps. I also take this time period to treat myself to a couple of massages. Good luck and best wishes heading into TCM.

Chad said...

Gregg, yeah I know you're right and it's better to focus on recovery now, rather than being fatigued all summer. But man, it's tough when you go from feeling fit to feeling like crap - all because of a marathon.