Monday, June 04, 2007


I guess I’ll be doing a 2 week taper this time around, seeing how I finished the week with 58 miles. I ended the week with a nice 17 mile group run, which started at Ft. Snelling and included lots of trails, including Pike Island. Our weather has been pretty amazing this spring. I can only think of a couple of hot days and that's because I waited till after work to run. And I think the dew point has only been over 60 once. Can it hold out 2 more weeks?

Yesterday was an off day, but I actually ended up putting in 2-3 unplanned/unlogged miles as I ran alongside my daughter while she learns to bike. Our neighbors loaned us one of those bars that attaches to the back of the bike and allows you to hang on without having to bend way over. I was wearing some Nike Frees at the time. Normally this kind of stuff this close to a marathon would get me all worked up, but it doesn’t bother me anymore. You gotta live life and if she’s ready to learn to ride, I’m willing to help her.

This morning was another no watch 5 miler.

This is kind of ironic. I’ve mentioned before that last year started out really well with a lot of miles, but then I got hurt in mid-April and ended up missing Grandma’s. This year I was more conservative, but more consistent. Well this morning I added up my year-to-date mileage. In 2006 I’d run 1,416 miles and this year I’m at 1,409.

Recently I mentioned that our new manager is a triathlete. She’s trying to find places to do some open water swimming. I couldn’t help but send her this link. Now whenever she goes swimming outdoors, she’ll have something to think about.

Finally, congrats to Evan for defending his dissertation last Friday. I assume he passed. The only problem is now we have to ship his ass back to New Zealand.

Quote of the day;

“I leave my watch at home. Otherwise, it’s a lost cause.” – Todd Williams on what it takes for him to have an easy day

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