Tuesday, October 07, 2008


A few commentors asked if I was happy with my race. Yeah, I am. I probably could have run a little faster – especially during the last 10K – however, I highly doubt I had the 5:42 in me it would have taken to run sub-3. And I definitely didn’t have the 8:12 it would have taken to PR. The last few weeks of training, 7:00 pace has felt extremely difficult. So being able to run 7:01s for 20 miles and then 7:17s the last 10K is a little surprising. I’d say I ran a smart, controlled race, I didn’t let the weather affect me, and I finished strong while others were fading.

In my race report I mentioned being passed by a lot of people and trying to hold back. It’d be great if there was an easy was to track their bib numbers because, I definitely wanted to beat some of them more than others – 3 in particular stand out in my mind.

First, there was the guy running with a couple of friends. He was joking around early by “winning” the race to the 5K mat and weaving over to high-5 the spectators to get a big cheer. Surprisingly he was still near me at mile 13 – I wouldn’t have noticed him, but he was sprinting to catch his friend who gapped him at a water stop. I’m pretty sure I passed him soon after that and never saw him again.

Second, was the gal who was wearing what looked to be a very light pair of Nikes – like made for 5K distances or shorter.

Finally, there was the triathlete near Lake Harriet who wanted to give me his weather report. He pulled up alongside me, looked out over the lake and kind of groaned something like, “I can’t figure out what’s going to happen – probably thunderstorms.” The funny thing is he was wearing sunglasses at the time. That’s partially how I knew he was a triathlete – that and the spandex shorts and the race number belt he was wearing. Apparently, safety pins aren’t high-tech enough.

Given the number of people that I passed, I was surprised by how few I knew. During the second half of the race I only remember passing 3 people I know.

A big congrats goes out to Nathan. He put together a marathon - PRing by 6-minutes - to go along with all the bright, shiny shorter PRs he set this summer. For his efforts he’s earned the QOD.

Quote of the day;

“I had pretty much the best overall race of my life!” – Nathan Campeau


Anonymous said...

So seeing a guy having fun out there or a girl with presumably the wrong shoes on makes you want to really beat those people? I don't get it. To each their own. Sorry, I usually love the blog but I'm calling that shallow.

Anonymous said...

Congrats you ran an awesome race, I saw you at the start but was unable to locate you at any other spots. Any advise for people who are running Chicago this weekend ? Hope the weather will cooperate a litte.

Nathan said...

Thanks for the shoutout Chad! And great race to you too. That was a really smart way to run. And since none of us here are winning the thing, it's fun to find little motivations to pass people, even if it is a little shallow. Like, "I don't want to lose to anyone wearing cotton!!"

Chad said...

Matt, it's a long race with a lot of people. I don't see any problem with coming up with mind-games to keep you going along the way and help find a little motivation.

You've never wanted to beat someone simply because of how they're acting, what they're wearing, their body-type or their form?

If you have any non-shallow suggestions, feel free to share them.

Imran, I don't think you need any last-minute suggestions from me. Just run your own race - adjust to the conditions as necessary.

Nathan, I agree. There was the guy in a cotton t-shirt, grey cotton sweatpants and light blue basketball shoes that came sprinting by me on the downhill leading up to mile 3. You bet I was happy to see him walking at mile 15 - at least he ditched the sweatpants by then.

Evan Roberts said...

Chad, congrats on a well executed race. Very nice!

Recover quickly 'cause I'm looking forward to bounding up the hills in Bloomington with you in a couple of weeks!

Formulaic said...

I'm with you. It's not shallow to want to beat this person or that.

We need a little motivation along the run and that's what this is.

Great run and way to go. Keep it up.