Thursday, October 09, 2008


Maybe in my last post, I should have said I wanted to beat everyone in front of me – just some people stood out more than others. Another one that comes to mind is a local guy I see out running near my house. He beat me at Boston by two minutes, so I thought it be nice to avenge that loss - even though we don't know one another. He ended up running 3:12.

I haven’t done anything since the race. If I weren’t so darn sensible, I’d have half a mind to go run the Whistlestop Marathon this weekend. But I am sensible, so it’s time for a break. Normally I take 6-7 days off after a marathon, but right now I’m leaning towards two full weeks.

Here’s a non-running question for you. Is there a musical artist or band that you’d buy anything they produced? You know, even if they were singing the Barney theme song, you’d buy it. For me it’s Nickleback and Wilco. It doesn’t matter what they put out, it all sounds good to me.

Since I don’t have much going on running-wise, here’s a bunch of links;

My latest interview.

Team USA Minnesota journal updates by Macharia, Antonio, Jason, and Kristen.

Finally, here’s a post-TCM video interview with Gabe and a series of post-Berlin video interviews with Geb. During one of the segments we learn that there’s been a 14 year gap from when Haile set his first world record in the 5K to his latest marathon world record. Freaking amazing.

Quote of the day;

“I’m hurting pretty bad…but I think I can hurt a lot more.”Jared Mondry, giving himself a pep talk at mile 21 of TCM. The 66-year old would go on to run 3:20:07 and win the 65-69 age group by 15 minutes - and, maybe more importantly, hold off some of his younger training partners.

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Ryan said...

Foo Fighters. Do not even have to listen to it in advance. Some of the best running music in the world.