Friday, October 24, 2008


The question “What’s next?” came up yesterday. Nothing is set in stone yet, but here’s what’s crossed my mind.

February 21st – skiing the Birkie. I had a blast skiing the “half Birkie” last year. Of course, we had great snow all winter, which makes a big difference.

April 18th - Trail Mix 50K. I’ve done the 25K 2 or 3 times and would’ve probably run it more if Boston didn’t “get in the way”. This would be my first ultra – although I’m not sure “real” ultra runners consider the 50K an ultra.

May 3rd - Eau Claire Marathon. I believe this will be the first annual event. Having it in the town where I went to college makes this an intriguing option.

June 20th - Grandma’s Marathon. Like everyone else, I figure if I keep running it, we have to get nice weather one of these years. Besides, it’s the best event going – you can’t beat the weekend as a whole. It’s the only race I know where everyone hangs out afterwards and parties the night away.

July 26th - random half ironman. Depending on how this health-kick turns out, I’d be interesting in trying a half ironman sometime during the summer.

August 9th - Paavo Nurmi Marathon. Wisconsin’s oldest marathon and one I’ve always wanted to run – even just for fun. This would be just after my Master anointment.

October 10th - Whistlestop Marathon. My hometown marathon and the first course I ever broke 3 hours on. The only marathon I’ve run where the next day it didn’t feel like I ran a marathon – due to the crushed limestone surface. That would increase the likelihood of doing the next event.

November 1st - New York City Marathon. I’ve always wanted to run this race – but I don’t want to go through the lottery. Last year I met the half marathon qualifying standard – about 3 weeks after the window closed. I don’t see any qualifying standards on their website any more. Maybe they’re just trying to get the 2009 race completed first.

I doubt I’ll do all of these events. Heck, I might not do any of them – but that’s where my mind is at. Even though I’ve mentioned wanting to focus on shorter events and gain some speed, you’ll notice there’s not a single 5K or 10K on the list. For more on that, you’ll have to check back next week when I’ll post another article I wrote recently.

Quote of the day;

“I hated to lose. The people who sat in the seats paid my salary, and I felt I was obligated to do my best every night. And the guy I was fighting, he bleeds the same as I do.” – Hockey hall of famer Ted Lindsay, 83, when asked why he nearly always led the NHL in penalty minutes, even though he was only 5’9” and 168 pounds.


Wayne said...

I'd like to see you complete this list. I know you can do it!

Adam said...

I find myself contemplating the same question. Your Grandma's comments are spot on, couldn't have said it better myself. If you want to get into ultras, Trail Mix is probably the safest entry point. Some diehards will tell you 50k isn't a true ultra. To avoid this, run the Superior 50K in May instead. Nobody will tell you that 50k isn't an ultra. A final ultra option would be the FANS race in can do as much or as little as you want.

Chad said...

Wayne, I'm sure I could do it, but we'll have to wait and see.

Adam, maybe I'd get lucky at Trail Mix and they'd cut out the ski jump hill again. Skipping 4 times up that would definitely help.

An ultra in April still leaves time for Gma's. I don't know if the same can be said for one in May.

As for FANS, not having a finish line if probably not the best option for me.

Adam said...

The ski season is probably going to start in about six weeks or so when the snowmaking kicks in at Hyland, Theo Wirth, and Elm Creek. Start your season as early as possible, especially if you won't be roller skiing. Hyland Hills in December is perfect before work on a weekday morning. You can do intervals up the ski hills and get a really solid workout done in under an hour. If you are serious about doing just about any ski race (except Mora), the hill repeats will serve you well. As a tune-up for the Birkie, you ought to give the City of Lakes Loppet some serious thought.

Anonymous said...

What, no Turkey Trot?

Seriously, those are some good options. I'm planning on doing Boston again in the spring and then maybe NYC in the fall. I'd like to hit the 5 marathon majors at some point.

I like the small marathons too, so I don't know if 2 big city marathons in a year is a good idea.

You have always done consistent and methodical training and I would expect that to continue. XC skiing once a week sounds good to me. If I lived in the frozen Northland I would want to face the elements head on and not let the winters get me down too.

Anyway, enjoy your running, enjoy your racing, get plenty of rest and maintain a good family life. I'm sure that you will maintain a good balance and by spring you will be stonger, fitter, and ready to roll.


Chad said...

Adam, you need to start your own blog so I can read about all your x-c secrets. Are they going to make snow around Lake Hyland or just on the ski hill? I have thought about the COL Loppet too.

Mark, I can't remember my last turkey trot. And I'll probably end of skiing more than once a week - especially if I want to ski the Birkie.

Adam said...

Snowmaking is just at the downhill ski area. However, it is in the Three Rivers Park District plan to put in snow guns around Hyland Lake. The idea of cross-country skiing at a little downhill ski area seems ridiculous at first, but as long as you've got the right mindset, it's great! It's definitely not quiet solitude, but it gives a great opportunity to get used to the feel of snow and also to work on the hills. One of the coolest sights ever is skiers silhouetted by the sun rising over the hill.

I don't have any secrets, but I can say that in a lot of ways cross country skiing has more to do with swimming than running. Form really counts for a lot, especially when it comes to getting a good glide. Going out with some experienced people or getting some lessons can really help.

Beanie said...

hmm, that is weird that the NY marathon website seems to have removed the qualifying-times information. i hope they aren't removing that option from 2009 onwards because they have way too many applicants as it is...