Wednesday, October 22, 2008


All right, I’m sure everyone is wondering what I left out of yesterday’s article. I mentioned the quick development of friendships, but I probably should have mentioned how these friendships cut across barriers, like age and gender, more easily than any other activity.

Other reasons that I love running, but left out, on purpose;

With what other group of friends can you drop-ass and not even have them bat an eye? Heck, they’ll probably even praise you.

I love how running – especially morning runs – keeps me regular.

And here are some reasons why running is better than sex;

I can do it twice a day.
I can have multiple partners.
I can do it with a group.
The faster I perform, the better.

I’m still contemplating what I want to do this off-season. I’m planning on adding some cross-training and taking one day off per week – at least throughout the winter. I had thoughts of adding CrossFit training and swimming to my routine. However, the idea of paying money in order to exercise doesn’t seem right – maybe being a runner and being able to just step out the door and train has engrained that in me. And swimming for the sake of swimming definitely doesn’t feel right. I figure if I do want to jump in a triathlon or two next year, it’d make more sense to swim closer to the season. So right now I’m leaning towards biking 1-2 times a week and then skiing if/when we get snow. I suppose I could roller-ski, but I’d have to buy or borrow a pair – and I could really only do it on the weekends since it’s too dark in the mornings now.

Yesterday was a day of complete rest. This morning I strapped on the headlamp and ventured back to the trails at Hyland for the first time in a while for an hour run.

Quote of the day;

“I wouldn’t know why some people can get away with less distance than others. I really haven’t a clue.” – Sebastian Coe, responding to Bill Bowerman’s question regarding how Coe stayed so fresh and strong with so little distance work

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You can also do it longer.