Thursday, October 23, 2008


Yesterday I mentioned not wanting to pay to exercise, but I should have expanded on that a little more. It’s not just the costs, but it also includes the extra drive time and how it fits into my schedule/routine. And the return I think I’d get back from the investment. With that said, I’m considering joining a x-c ski group that meets once a week – mainly because; 1) it fits into my schedule, 2) I need all the help I can get when it comes to ski technique, and 3) I think it will help my running. Now I just have to get spousal approval to be gone one night a week.

Over the years, I’ve gotten on different “kicks”. When I was in the Navy I got on a basketball kick and then a weight lifting kick – I had lots of free time. Then in college I went on a studying kick. When I started blogging, you could consider that a kick, as I tried to read and comment on as many blogs as possible. Now I’m finding myself on a health kick. In the past, I’ve talked a lot about adding strength training to my program and eating better. Now I’m actually trying to make it happen.

Maybe with 40 just around the corner, it’s a mid-life crisis. My buddy bought a motorcycle, but I cut out junk food. It doesn’t seem “fair” but that’s all right. I told him I’d rather go for a bike ride than a motorcycle ride anyway.

So the new health-craze has me cooking more and experimenting. I tried eggplant for the first (and last time). Now I know why one of the cookbooks mentioned that it’s not very popular in the U.S. – because it has no taste and the texture is like eating a sponge. If it weren’t for the spaghetti sauce and cheese, it would have been inedible.

6 easy miles this morning.

Quote of the day;

“It has been described as my commando workout. In the fall, it’s the use of everything you can think of in the gym, lifting heavy weights twice a week, working every part of the body. We concentrate on every muscle from knees to sternum, using box jumping, speed drills, repeatedly mounting a beam, high knee lifts, bounding.

All this was associated two-and-a-half years ago with rapid improvements in my leg speed. It’s simple athleticism really, the coordinated transference of weight and force through the body.”
– Sebastian Coe


Anonymous said...

You can't cook an asian vegetable with an American way to get the flavor out, just like you can't cook a good steak following an Indian reciepe. The best way to cook an egg plant finding/searching and Indian recipe for it. Its generally pretty good when fried or sautaed.

Mike said...

egg plant parmesan is the best way I know to make it. It can be done in such a way that it sort of looks like a lasagna when it's finished. You slice the egg plant very thin, salt it, lightly bread it and then quickly fry the pieces. These thin, lightly fried slices of egg plant would now be used in a similar way to the lasagna noodles in a lasagna.

You've got to prepare the marinara sauce and the cheese filling as you would in a lasagna. Then you arrange everything in layers in an oven proof casserole type dish, add a final layer of sauce and perhaps some romano cheese and bake it.

The key is to slice the egg plant thin and only bread it very lightly. You don't want it to be too heavy.

Chad said...

anonymous, good points. I never thought of it that way before.

Mike, part of my problem is that if I don't have an ingredient, I adlib or go without. This recipe called for breadcrumbs and I used shake and bake mix intead. :)