Friday, October 03, 2008


All right, I admit I’m probably in a little better shape than I’ve led on lately. Maybe that’s because sandbagging is easy. Let’s face it, it’s a heck of a lot easier to make yourself look good when you run a 3:05 after telling everyone you’re shooting for 3:10 – rather than running 3:05 and shooting for 3:00.

Whatever my fitness level is, it always amazes me how much a minor setback can mess with your psyche. While I wouldn’t say I’m busting at the seams with confidence, I will say that the taper seems to have left me in far better shape than I imagined. Just walking around the office the last two days I’ve had that chomping-at-the-bit feeling that races horses must have when they’re in the starter’s gate. And although yesterday’s run wasn’t super fast, I had an extra sense of joy you get from when everything seems to be clicking.

Maybe part of my newfound excitement is because I spent the morning at press conferences for the women’s 10-mile and the marathon. In addition to the usual Team USA Minnesota suspects, Olympian Kara Goucher and Dan Browne were there, along with American record holder at 25K, Fernando Cabada. While these guys don’t have anything on boxers or wrestlers when it comes to trash talking prior to an event, they were inspiring to listen to.

Charlie wrote up a great piece on Kara and Katie McGregor.

Long time readers may remember that I really suck when it comes to taking photos. Here’s proof;

This may be the worst photo ever, but I'm not responsible for Fernando's hair - even Dan can't bear to look.
This is where Katie says she's going for the win and Kara gets really upset - just look at that glare she's giving Katie.
As they say, in the end cooler heads prevailed and no punches were thrown.

This is where Kara becomes possessed by the devil and Jenna just laughs about it.

Here's an okay one of Chris Lundstrom and Matt Gabrielson. It was nice to finally meet Chris. I've heard lots of great things, plus I'm a huge fan of his writing.

Good luck to all these runners as well as anyone else that plans on lacing them up on Sunday.

Quote of the day;

“I’m in it to win it.” - Matt Gabrielson

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