Thursday, August 31, 2006


I’m back on (or is it off) the wagon. I ran 6 miles last night while watching the Twins lose another game to the Royals. It turns out the Royals pitchers have an ERA of about 6 – except when they pitch in the Dome and it’s like 1.5. With their next two series against the Yankees and Tigers, losing a series to the lowly Royals is not the best way to stay in the wild card hunt.

If you’re interested in a baseball blog, check out Pat Neshek’s. He’s a new middle reliever for the Twins that just got called up in the middle of the season. It’s pretty interesting to read his thoughts about the whole process, along with his thoughts of playing for his hometown team.

But this is a running blog not a baseball blog…

After getting my ass chewed out by Mike yesterday, I’ve come up with a new plan (or two). Actually, sorry Mike but I can’t give you credit. I’ve had these plans penciled in for a week now, but I do appreciate the gentle reminder.

I keep mentioning “plans” because I have 2 options for the last 7 weeks of training. Option A is 4 weeks of “high” mileage (at least 80) followed by a 3 week taper. Option B consists of 2 weeks of “high” mileage, cutback week, 2 weeks of “high” mileage followed by a 2 week taper. Right now I’m leaning towards “B” because 1) the cutback week will keep me from getting too trashed and 2) there’s a 10k I might run at the end of the cutback week.

12 days till Ironman Wisconsin. I’m looking forward to watching it and cheering and drinking beer while watching and cheering. If you need a little inspiration, check out Mike’s IM Canada report. Not sure if the triathletes out there read Triathlete magazine’s Mitch Thrower’s blog or not, but it’s usually entertaining around Ironman time.

Quote of the day;

“Where am I?” – Ron Clarke upon regaining consciousness on the stadium infield at Mexico City


Trisaratops said...

SWEET!!! I forgot you'll be at IM MOO too...drinking beer, oh, you're KILLIN' ME! ha ha ha

Great job on the half, BTW. I am so behind on blog comments.

And LOL at what NOT to do the night before a race....I will have to keep that in mind. I'm sure my husband will not be happy with you giving me that advice. ha ha ;)

Chad said...

Susan, right now I'd take A or B. I don't really care.

Sara, maybe women respond differently to sex and racing. The night before IM Moo is probably not the time to experiment though.